I am the main author of “Mathe für Nicht-Freaks”, a freely available textbook for math students written in German. My main goal in this project is to write a textbook which is as easy to understand as possible.

Together with Nils Hansen I produce the podcast “The Wicked Mu” for the LMU Munich. In this podcast we interview professors and other students about their recently done work. We also make episodes about lectures and some exercise sheets.

„Aufgabensammlung Mathematik“ is a freely available collection of mathematical exercises and their solutions I started to wrote in 2011. Now there are a lot of exercises and I am the author of most of them.

This year I started “Aufgabensammlung Physik”, a collection of physical exercises and solutions. This project is really young and actually does not contain many exercises.

Together with other students I programmed this Facebook page about the topic “organ donation”, which is actually highly discussed in Germany. With this page a user can inform himself about this topic and can order an organ donor card.

In summer 2010 I programmed this page which is a huge collection of links to exercise sheets, scripts and exams of mathematics, physics and computer science. It was a project for student association at the LMU.