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Used frameworks and pictures

The following frameworks and pictures I used for programming this site. They are all available under a free license. I want to thank their developers and designers for their great job.


Name of framework Functionality Developer License
YAML (X)HTML/CSS Framework for creation of modern and flexible layouts Dirk Jesse CC-BY 2.0
Sinatra DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby Sinatra contributers MIT License
MathJax JavaScript framework for displaying mathematical formulas inside a web page MathJax developers Apache License 2.0
html5shim JavaScript framework for displaying HTML5 elements inside an Internet Explorer MIT License


Picture Graphic artist Source License
Logo E-Mail User:Innerer Schweinehund Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA 2.5
Logo XMPP Jabber Software Foundation Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA 2.5
Flag Germany/Austria User:AwOc Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
Flag USA/Great Britain User:Editor at Large Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


I use Piwik for doing web analytics. Your can disagree the usage of your data by either using the Mozilla's proposed Do Not Track Feature or by using the following form: